North-Link M1 Toll Plaza

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for provision and use of pre-paid 20 Trip Cards

These Terms and Conditions set out the agreement between you (the “Customer”) and North-Link M1 Limited of Balgeen, Julianstown, Co.Meath (the “Operator”) in relation to the supply and use of a pre paid 20-trip cards.

1. Each pre-paid 20-trip card is related to a specific vehicle type as defined in the Toll ByeLaws.
2. Payment is only accepted by cash.
3. Pre-paid 20-trip cards are only valid for the class of vehicle for which they were issued.
4. Pre-paid 20-trip cards can only be purchased in twenty trip amounts.
5. Pre-paid 20-trip cards shall expire at the end of each calendar year; in order to reactivate a trip card the customer must contact the administration office.
6. If there is a toll increase at the end of the calendar year the customer must top up the difference of the toll increase multiplied by the number of trips remaining on the card before the card can be reactivated.
7. The customer is responsible for the 20-trip card at all times, North-Link is unable to offer refunds for lost or stolen cards.
8. North-Link cannot provide refunds for partially used cards.
9. Trip cards can only be topped up in increments of 20 trips by contacting the North-Link administration office.
10. Trip cards issued by North-Link M1 are only valid on the M1 and cannot be used at any other toll plaza.

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