North-Link M1 Toll Plaza

2023/2024 Winter Maintenance Notice

2023/2024 Winter Maintenance Notice

North-Link M1 Ltd. is responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of the M1 Project Road which extends from the Delvin River, south of Junction 7 (Julianstown) northwards including all interchanges to a point 600m south of Junction 18 (Dundalk North), a distance of 53km.

It is the responsibility of North-Link M1 Ltd. to provide winter maintenance cover for the 2023/2024 season and to ensure the safe movement of traffic for users and the public on the Project Road and keep to a minimum delays caused by adverse weather.

The Winter Maintenance Procedure sets out arrangements for all aspects of winter maintenance. The Procedure is available for inspection by third parties at the North-Link M1 Ltd. offices situated at the M1 Toll Plaza, Balgeen, Julianstown, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Tel +353 41 982 9820.

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