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Project Background

The Dundalk Western Bypass (DWB) project spans 53km of the M1 Motorway from junction 7 (Gormanstown) in Meath to just short of junction 18 (Ballymascanlon) in Louth. In February 2004 the DWB PPP contract, to build, operate and maintain the Bypass was awarded to Celtic Roads Group Dundalk Ltd.

This contract included the design, financing and construction of motorway to the west of Dundalk together with the operation and maintenance of the total 53km motorway for a period of 30 years. The Dundalk Western Bypass opened in 2005.
Around 45,000 vehicles pass through the toll plaza every day and on average 30% of this total are commercial vehicles. This indicates the level of heavy traffic diverted from towns and villages in the area, delivering safer shorter journey times for road users, as well as cleaner air and less congestion for communities.

North-Link M1 Ltd is the contractor with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the toll plaza along with the maintenance of the 53km of motorway on behalf of the concessionaire Celtic Roads Group. North-Link staff collect the tolls and maintain the road infrastructure to the high standards required under the PPP contract.

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