Updated Vehicle Classification

From the 30th July following audit and implementation of the new toll collection system and compliance with Toll Bye- Laws for the M1 Motorway, it is necessary to reassess the way we classify some of the vehicles which pass through the toll plaza, in particular twin cab vans and trucks, large taxis/MPVs (9 seats and above) and motor homes which are used to convey sports vehicles or equipment and not solely as recreational vehicles.
Specific changes include the following:
Twin cab vans/pick-ups not exceeding 3500kg are class 4 with toll of 3.40
MPVs and Taxis with 9 or more seats are class 3 with toll of 3.40
Twin cab trucks exceeding 3500kg are class 5/4.80
Camper vans not solely used for recreational purposes are class 4 or 5 with toll of 3.40 or 4.80
Class 5 vehicles which have 4 or more axles when towing a trailer are class 6 with toll of 6.10
Please note that from the 30th July this new classification and toll tariff will be implemented in compliance with the Toll Bye-Laws for the M1 Motorway.

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